His Majesty’s Ship Urania has been provided with new reliable personal locator beacons (PLB). She is a ship of the Royal Dutch Navy.H.M.S. Urania sails with navy cadets in training. Personal safety comes first in the Royal Dutch Navy. The choice has been Rhotheta PLB: RT-B77 HELB.

Rhotheta PLB RT B77 HELB

Rhotheta PLB

Rhotheta PLB RT-B77 HELB is a distinguished emergency beacon by its compact size and high power. In order to provide this high power, the beacon has a battery management system wherein the power is turned back after a period of time, so an extra long operating time will be generated. The compact size of the Rhotheta plb guarantees application to almost any lifejacket.

PLB RT-B77 HELB on Secumar lifejacket

Automatic activation

The RT-B77 HELB is currently the most advanced and most powerful personal locator beacon (PLB) available on the market for man overboard (MOB) emergencies. The RT-B77 is designed for automatic activation upon contact with water or inflation of the wearer’s life jacket and can also be activated manually.

For larger fleet training purposes

This PLB also features a second frequency that can be used for testing or training purposes. Transmission of a dedicated ID and simple control of system and maintenance data by means of an IrDA interface are important benefits for operators of larger fleets. Autotest functions and status reports are announced by the system’s speaker to guarantee high availability.