Radio Inspections

Kotter platform North Sea

Radio Inspections by SHIPTRON are done by our very well trained and dedicated service technicians who are very keen to solve all your technical radio problems.

SHIPTRON Radio Inspection services

Our Radio Inspection Service offers complete tests for off-shore and marine radio stations. We proof your equipment on board. SHIPTRON is your dedicated radio inspector for all your radio equipment on board.

Radio Inspection conformity

SHIPTRON is well equipped for radio inspections at offshore platforms conform the Dutch mining act and NOGEPA guideline no.10 (Inspectie Telecommunicatiemiddelen) and shipping conform SOLAS rules.

Radio Inspections conform GMDSS, non-SOLAS, NOGEPA OFFSHORE & WINDFARM:

Equipment to be inspected

  •     VHF marine radio
  •     VHF-DSC controllers
  •     MF/HF SSB installations
  •     MF/HF DSC controllers
  •     Inmarsat equipment
  •     EPIRB
  •     SART 9Ghz
  •     AIS
  •     VHF handheld radio’s
  •     PLB beacon’s
  •     AIS-SART
  •     AIS-PLB’s
  •     AIS-EPIRB
  •     AIS AtoN
  •     Aeronautical VHF groundstations
  •     Aeronautical N.D. ground beacons


We provide on request radio inspection and spectral analysis (site scan) reports to the customer in English or Dutch language.


All our Radio Inspectors do have valid H.U.E.T. certificates to NOGEPA 0.5A , VCA full certificate, OSA and compressed air EBS, Marcom-A and valid medical papers.