Flight watch with helicopter arrival distributor brands

Distributor brands represented by Shiptron

Operations at sea require high demands on equipment. This equipment undergoes  a Non-stop impact on electronic hardware by salty water, high humidity, mechanical load and vibration as well as UV radiant exposure. The equipment of the distributed brands offered through SHIPTRON is specially designed for these circumstances and it’s applications. Resulting in the highest reliability, even under rough conditions.

Distributor Brands

  • AC Antennas offers a large portfolio of antennas for the maritime segment, antenna mounts and other associated accessories. All of the marine antennas are designed and manufactured to provide exceptional performance. Thus made to withstand punishment from the rigorous marine environment.
  • Jotron EPIRB’s, SART’s and Aeronautical radio equipment for offshore and passenger ships under SOLAS guarantee compliance with the rules.
  • Observator represented by SHIPTRON; a range of industrial and professional weather instruments for harsh environments. Environments like Oil and Gas industry.  Available in EEx versions and non-EEx for safe area’s.
    The Observator equipment comply with the CAP-437 regulations for Offshore heli landing area’s.
  • Ocean Signal, SafeSea range and M100|M100X are products that SHIPTRON recommend for personal safety and survival at sea and in harsh environments on platforms, on wind parks and during helicopter flights.
  • Rhotheta, The design of the  products is very compact.Rhotheta radio-directionfinders & Personal Locating Beacons for operation at sea like SAR vessels, helicopters and offshore installations are offered by SHIPTRON who is your Rhotheta certified and trained service partner in Holland.
  • Sailor GMDSS , VHF and Fleet broadband equipment.
  • Sea Marshall, Personal Locating Beacons and Radio Direction Finders for vessels, helicopters, offshore
  • True Heading, True Heading AIS solutions, SOLAS & Inland, AIS-CTRX class-B transponders. SHIPTRON is exclusive dealer and certified & trained service partner in Holland.