ais class A transponder


AIS – advanced safety system.

Automatic Identification System is an advanced system that has increased safety of navigation at sea and on inland waterways, since the introduction in 2003. AIS is based on highly developed transponder technology.

Inland AIS mandatory Dutch inland waters


Because of the different requirements for maritime and inland waters a distinction is created in the Class A transponders specifically for inland navigation Inland AIS.

IMO and Dutch government

The IMO (International Maritime Organization) states that all maritime and fishing vessels with a length over all of more than 12 meters must have an IMO Class A transponder aboard. In addition, there is the additional requirement of the Dutch government, which states that every professionally used vessel at sea should carry a Class A transponder to meet obligatory requirements.

AIS knowledge

SHIPTRON acts as importer of various AIS equipment from the beginning of AIS in this market. Through experience and expertise in all possible applications Shiptron has built a reputation as a knowledge provider in all areas that have to do with AIS.

Advice and solutions

SHIPTRON is your reliable partner and provides expert advice and solutions for pleasure boats, inland navigation (Inland AIS) and seagoing vessels.

Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport

Accredited business

In 2009 this led to government recognition of companies for AIS equipment on board, issued by the Dutch Inspector-General of Environment and Transport  (ILT). SHIPTRON is recognized by ILT for the competence of installation, replacement and monitoring of the functioning of Inland AIS transponders as well as for the issue of the declaration of incorporating Inland AIS.

See and be seen

For more information, ask for the SHIPTRON information document by email. The AIS information is available over the internet, you can see this live  in your web browser. Clicking will take you to the LIVE SHIPS MAP- AIS – Vessel traffic and positions.

Operation Certificate VHF

To operate AIS equipment, you need to achieve a basic certificate for VHF radio because it falls in the same category as the VHF radio.

Registration Telecom Agency

However, you have to notify the the Radiocommunications Agency of the AIS transmitting device too. To do this, click AT frequency user registry.